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Concha de Amor, 2015

A collective performance in which the memory of what was done leads to a transformation. Literally “Concha de Amor” means “shell of love”, but it is also a phrase used, in several areas of South of America, to describe groups of women who come together to talk, while they embroider, for example, or do the laundry at wash-tubs.

On this occasion the work required from the public is to parade, to tie knots in long sailor’s robes and by means of these gestures to twine people’s stories with the stories of the place. The territory and the observation of the collective systems of symbols that govern it represent the stimulus guiding Claudia Losi’s research. Her interest lies in performed, inhabited symbols practiced within a community.

“Concha de Amor”, in particular, is an event designed for an empty disused urban space, inhabited by silent “city signs”, remains of marble ornaments, cast iron grills and street lights recovered from Piazza della Repubblica, pots to store oil, busts of celebrated men… Thanks to the participation of people and to their work, its history is recalled, a transformation is activated, filling it with meaning.

Project curated by Alessandra Poggianti
for Livorno Incontemporanea

Deposito di via Capocchi, 6 - Livorno
10 Ottobre 2015

See video by Daniele Signaroldi