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About Proximity, 2016
About Proximity, 2016
a project commisioned by the Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art
Hangzhou, China
       “In the vast syntax of the world, the different beings adjust themselves to one another; the plant communicates with the animal, the earth with the sea, man with everything around him. Resemblance imposes adjacencies that in their turn guarantee further resemblances. Place and similitude become entangled: we see mosses growing on the outsides of shells, plants in the antlers of stags, a sort of grass on the faces of men; and the strange zoophyte, by mingling together the properties that make it similar to the plants as well as to the animals, also juxtaposes them. All so many signs of ‘convenience’. Convenientia is a resemblance connected with space in the form of a graduated scale of proximity.”

          M. Foucault, Order of Things. An archaeology of the human sciences, Routledge Classics, London, 2002, pp 20/21  

Liu Wanwan
Kong Yizhao
Gong Yingnan
Zhu Zhi Xian

Costumes designed by Monica Bolzoni BIANCA E BLU
Silk fabrics offered by
Botto Giuseppe & Figli, Biella

Thanks to: Liu Pan, Luo Zhenzhen, Xiao Yu, Li Yin, Jiang Mei Qi, Xue Wei, Chun Yang, Lin Yee, Luo Shui Ping

Photo the artist and Qi Xin