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Poli Antarctici Constitutio, 2019/20
Poli Antarctici Constitutio, 2019-20
silk and wool cloth
diameter 250 cm 

Antarctici Constitutio is a collective work, a silk emboridery with a diameter of 2.5 meters, reproducing the Antarctic pole as represented in the XII Book by Athanasius Kircher, In Mundus Subterraneus, dated 1664-65.
This embroidery has been made by a dozen women, in almost two years of work. None of them was a professional embroiderer: mostly friends and acquaintances of the artist who attended at her studio and dedicated a few hours of works, every now and then, as a break from their main working activities. A collective work, where stories of life of different countries, chatter, secrets and laughter took root in every stitch.


Installation view (2019)

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

With Collettivo Amigdala

VIDEO performance in the Tower Room 


Installation view (2020)


Monica De Cardenas Gallery, Milan-Zuoz-Lugano

CS_ As Hands Remember,
curated by Marina Dacci, Monica De Cardenas Gallery_ZUOZ (Summer 2020)

CS_Come le mani ricordano
a cura di Marina Dacci, Monica De Cardenas Gallery, ZUOZ (Estate 2020)