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Being There, 2019
BEING THERE // performance
Claudia Losi & Amigdala Collective
September 2019
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Site-specific performance along Birmigham canals, realized thanks to the collaboration with Collettivo Amigdala, an artistic group focused on site-specific operations involving voice as medium.
The Ikon’ Slow boat, passing through the canal, activates numerous reactions of the performers and singers along the channel. Feminine and masculine voices intertwine, sewing a story that moves on the surface of water and then disappears, like a voice. Moving, standing voices.
Meike Clarelli reworked and put in music traditional tunes, as well as love songs, music from the women work tradition or childish lullabies. Songs of utopia and struggle intertwined with fragments of text written by Claudia Losi.

Watch the video