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Dove sei? Dove abiti?, 2018
fine resin tesserae
20 elements of different measures

Curated by Gabi Scardi for Orticola Arte, a project related to Orticola Lombardia in association with Comune di Milano, Assessorati all’Urbanistica, Verde e Agricoltura, Educazione e Istruzione, Lavori Pubblici e Casa.
The art work has been acquired by Comune di Milano.

Dove sei? Dove abiti? is a permanent site specific work, a mosaic for the facade of the public Nursery School in Milan, via Savona 30.

The project took place over several months, with di erent workshops involving children, teachers and the artist focused on the theme of animal and plant mimicry. Through the concept of ‘mimicry’ children were led to explore the possibility of coexistence of species and the ability to interact and to belong with a natural or social habitat. From the interpretation of countless children’s drawings the artist realized 20 mosaics, well visible from outside the school.

Thanks to: Michele Napoli, Rocco Di Francesco, Petra Aprile
Technical sponsor: MEBA sas, Piacenza
Graphic of the poster: Studio a righe, Chiara Neviani
Ph. Andrea Rossetti, Daniele Signaroldi
Download PDF public/Dove sei_dove abiti_CL.pdf