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Qui e non altrove. Qui., 2009

Here and not Elsewhere. Here.
Project involving local communities and the Pollino National Park, Italy.

Embroidery on fabric, padding
50 items of approx. 30 x 60cm each   
About 70 people were asked by word of mouth to recount a personal story that took place on the Lucano side of the Pollino National Park: “Where I used to play when I was a kid; that wood where I gave my first kiss; that field where I carved the image of a plane onto a watermelon rind with my fingernails”. They were then asked to supply images: drawings, photographs, etc.  

I produced the drawings myself, based on this material, which were then transferred onto pieces of fabric and handed over to a group of women from the town of Latronico. Thanks to their skill, the images were then embroidered onto cushion covers, which they also enhanced with little embellishments of their own. The work was then presented to the Latronico community, with a celebration involving all the embroiderers, and an ox-drawn cart carrying the various embroidered and stuffed cushions. The following day, in Senise, the participants were asked to “mount” a single three-dimensional shape – a hillock, or rather a cairn – to form a pile of soft stones marking the presence of a special place along a mountain path. Not elsewhere. Here.


| Latronico, 18th September 2009 



For their invaluable help, our thanks go to: Gaetano Lofrano and Enza De Stefano, Felicetta Gesualdi  and Il Tassello ( Rosanna Mileo, MarinellaDeLuca, GiuseppinaViola, FrancescaPonte, RosalbaSisinni, AntoniettaScaldaferri, AnnaPugliese, MariaMileo, GiuseppinaDeBiase, VincenzaDeStefano, RosannaDeStefano, VincenzaForestiere), Laura Barreca, Catterina Seia, Romeo Forestiere, Franco De Luca, Andrea Topo.

Participants: GaetanoLofrano, AngelaBellusci, AlessandroFalcone, AlessioCiminelli, AngelaCastronuovo, AntonioViceconte, EnzaDeStefano, ArleoGiuseppe, ArleoStefania, MariapaolaVergallito, GiuseppePanaino, ClaudioSole, RominaCelano, DomenicaLabanca, EgidioBellusci, FuscoMariaCarmina, GiuseppeFerrara, GiuseppeCappuccio, G.MarioDeStefano, GiuseppeDeStefano, GiovanniDeStefano, GioacchinoPonzio, GiuseppeAmendolara, RositaForastiere, EricaForastiere, MaddalenaBellusci, MaddalenaSalerno, MarcoFalcone, MartinaSpagnuolo, FabioCastronuovo, CamillaBellusci, RosaCervone, FrancescaLista, VincenzoCervino, SaraDonadio, ClotildeCapano, RossellaDragonetti, LinaCelano, RoccoElefante, RoccoSole, RosaPetrilli, RosaRosato, SabrinaArleo, GiuliaAmbrosino, AntonellaBuglione, BenedettoPellegrino, RaffaeleMorelli, AntonioPennella, ChiaraSperti, BiaginaChiappetta, AntonioPeloso, NicolaBellusci, GiadaBonitol, GianniCostantino, AnnaCaricati, QuirinoValvano.   

A project for ArtePollino
Curated by: Laura Barreca

Photos: Angela Rosati; Claudio Sole; the artist