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Etna Project, 2001
Third group embroidery
Kanza Ahrdan-Karima El Moubariki-Latifa Lacker-Loubna Harmaz-Saloua Bencharki-Fatima El Khayati-Naima Mansouri-Aicha Benkabbour-Livia Alva Asencios-Claribel Morales,Cladi Vera,Hesnon Vera-Hermelinda Alva Asencios-Aide Villareal-Sonia Loayza Alva-Georgina Alva Asencios-Maria Trujillo-Evelyn Campos Alva
Embroidery on padded structure in wool and clay
16 canvases with embroidery, applications and drawings. Variable sizes.


The drawing of the map of lava flows of the Sicilian volcano was subdivided into sixteen parts and placed on the fabric. Half the pieces were for a group of women in Peru, and half for a group of women in Morocco, so they were sent to Lima and Casablanca. The women were asked to add to the embroidery, including images, photographs or drawings of the «things that best represent them». Finally, “standards” were sewn bearing the images the women attached to their work.