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TransatlanticFlowerbed, 2008

Transatlantic Flowerbed. "The movement of the earth of this “floating garden” takes the form of a flowing mantle, which will eventually be covered with grass. The green cement border rises and falls following the line of the waves, containing and surrounding its “diverse and complex” spaces, the table inlaid with leaves, the seats embedded in the earth, “like the steps to a house where you can be without having to look each other in the face”, great hemispheres into which animal and vegetable forms are carved and that bloom here and there like flowerpots. “A place to be".

Curators: Lisa Parola and Luisa Perlo (a.titolo)

Photos: G. Caira; G. Bertolino; the artist.


From Claudia Losi. Transatlantic Flowerbed, by Luisa Perlo
in New Patrons. Contemporary Art, Society and Public Space, curated by a.titolo, 2008 (eng)



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