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BalenaProject_Milan, 09
Balena Project_Knotted Lines/Dissolved Clays
I n collaboration with Francesca Dainotto and Davide Giacobbi  
The project presented here was carried out for the first time in the Assab One spaces, in Milan, in July 2009. On this occasion the various aspects of the implementation process were perfected (that of play-learning, pedagogical features, etc.) and an evaluation was made of the adaptability of the project in terms of space, the supervisors present, and the “slant” that may be given to approach it (understanding science, environmental conservation, etc.).    

Video of the activities carried out at the Assab One, July ‘08_ by F. Dainotto 

Thanks to: Paola Civardi, Serena Cattaneo, Nora Bertolotti, Chiara Sacchini, Elena Quarestani, Giovanna Cavalli, Tania Fedeli.  
Photos: Davide Giacobbi; Francesca Dainotto.