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Marmagne, 1999|2000
MARMAGNE, 1999|2000
10 b+w photos heat-pressed on canvas, embroidery, felt
130x190 each cm
Ten photographs made at an abandoned trout breeding facility in Marmagne, in a forest of Bourgogne, France. On the photographs printed on fabric ten hypothetical phases of continental drift have been embroidered. This is a place where human intervention (walls and dams, the abandoned house) has been reabsorbed by plant life. The work conveys a sense of the chaotic overlapping of different timeframes: the short span of man and plants, the vast span of geological eras, movements of the Earth’s crust, the endless cycle of the waters.


“In natura, X International Biennial of Photography”, curator Anna Detheridge, Palazzo Bricherasio, 2003, Turin (eng)