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Biotopes, 2013
Biotopes, 2013


The sculptures Biotopes represent real and imaginary forms of symbiosis found in nature: intimate relationships between organisms of different species. 

They are composite images recalling an imaginary bestiary or herbarium that feeds on medieval and baroque iconography, folk tales and visions. 
The starting point for these is a version in fabric and filler, which in some cases is then cast in cement: a humble, porous material that when positioned outdoors will soon became a new sort of "botanical laboratory". 
Biotope I, II, III, IV
cm 40 x 83 x 55, cm 60 x 60 x 40, cm 53 x 73 x 58, cm 38 x 48 x 43


Biotope V, VI
textile, filler, sand
cm 52 x 80 x 60, cm 65 x 53 x 30  

Ph: Andrea Rossetti  
Installation view at Galleria Monica De Cardens, Zuoz


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