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Being Elsewhere, 2006|09


Being elsewhere / Essere altrove

Claudia Losi and Daniele Signaroldi
Music Daniele Signaroldi
Video: format 16/9, 14’41’’
First journey_St Kilda, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
claudia losi-daniela morreale-daniele signaroldi-marcin strzelecki
The initial idea of this "first participated journey" brought together 4 people: a composer, a filmmaker, a photographer and an artist. "We never arrived at St. Kilda.", our final destination. This island was constructed in each of us as a place with moveable and smokey outlines, as it truly could have appeared from the neighboring islands where our journey ended.
The places filmed were chosen in the Upper Apennine mountains. The images shot along the journey were not used. The protagonists were four adolescent children, who were not professional actors. The video all revolves around a stone table, the concave surface of which holds several litres of water.
A new narrative is then based on the recollection of a real-life experience, which has become a reflection on an unstable surface, just like the puddle of water on the slab of grey stone.
This project has been possible by UniCredit Art support.