Arazzo is a work in the making: begun in 1996, it is occasionally re-presented, though not at regular intervals, to “witness” its continued growth. As certain lichens grow on the rocky surface of a boulder, these archipelagos of wool expand and die on a woven surface. Sooner or later the threads will break away, from the center toward the edges, leaving only the outlines and the “eroded,” perished, hole-filled interior.

Arazzo was acquired by the Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – CRT in 2022 and it is now in the collection of the GAM in Turin. Every year, the Museum intends to create an opportunity for the artist to “present herself at an appointment”, giving her the chance to give new form and development to the surface-landscape of Arazzo. At each appointment, a number of guests will be invited to talk about themes that relate in some way, by proximity or analogy, with the nature of Losi’s work, according to their own personal practices and sensitivity. The course of these conversations will proceed in parallel with the embroidery and the growth of the tapestry.

  • Since 1996
  • Canvas with wool embroidery,
  • velcro, blackberry dye
  • Work in progress
  • Size: cm 250 x 150
  • Installation view at AssabOne,
  • Milan (2021),GAM Turin (2023)
  • Photo: Andrea Rossetti

GAM Torino, June 2023

Arazzo / Fulfilling life that lives is a performance by Claudia Losi and
a conversation with Alice Benessia and Mauro Sargiani