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The Whale Theory. An animal imagery
Johan&Levi Edition, Monza, 2021

The publication The Whale Theory. An animal imagery is the final leg of the journey of Balena Project. An artist’s book, it contains strange and secret marvels, also serving as a compass for the lengthy poetic experience, which it retraces with illustrations, photographs and texts. Inside are various expert contributions and perspectives, plus a chorus of voices that blend in this special whale’s song. A marine geography of words and visions that have nourished the archetype of the whale in my private imagery.


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Ryōkan Project – One of Seven, Limited Edition of 25 boxes containing 7 books each, Edizioni Anemone Vernalis, 2001.
Concha de Amor, Limited Edition of 12 numbered & signed serigraphs. Each Edition of 6 serigraphs (70 x 100 cm), Artist Edition, 2015.
The Whale Theory, Limited Edition of 20 boxes containing different objects and a booklet, 22,5x33x9,5 cm each box, Artist Edition, 2020
Position is where everything happens from, Limited Edition of 30 folders containing 8 numbered & signed Risograph printings, 25 x 17,5 cm each, Artist Edition, 2021.


via Angelo Genocchi, 16
29121 – Piacenza



@Claudia Losi 2023