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Born in Piacenza, 1971
Lives and works in Piacenza, Italy

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, and at the University of Foreign Languages and Literature, Bologna, she was selected in 1998 for the Advanced Course in Visual Arts of the Antonio Ratti Foundation, in Como, Italy (visiting professor: Hamish Fulton); in 2000 Italian shortlisted for the International Studio Program P.S.1-New York. She has been artist in residence at Studio Orta-Les Moulins (France), JCVA, Jerusalem (Israel), Art Omi International, New York (United States), NTU CCA (Singapore), Error-Lenguas hermanas, Mexico City.


Combinazioni di figura, 2023

My artistic research is based around the relation between human beings and nature and investigates the dimension of travel and exploration as experiences of knowledge. A focal aspect in my practice is the in-depth knowledge of places, experienced through wandering and lingering.

My interests encompass several disciplines, from natural sciences, such as ethnology and geology, to geography, cartography, literature and poetry. In particular, my works are the outcome of long-lasting projects that evoke the dilated rhythms of nature in juxtaposition with the brief rhythms of human existence: from educational and cognitive processes to the transformations of lichens, glaciers, and geological maps, moving from the micro to the macro, the two systems that together constitute the world we inhabit.

The recurring use of sewing, on one hand, represents an attempt to transpose the slow pace of nature and relational processes; on the other hand, it becomes a metaphor for the tangle of relationships, histories, sensitivities and cultural specificities.

Since 1998 I have been engaging in a series of projects based on participation and relationship: collective operations that develop around single objects, catalysts of energies, experiences, memories.

Amulets, Israel, 2021


via Angelo Genocchi, 16
29121 – Piacenza



@Claudia Losi 2023