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Balena Project
2004 – 2021

Balena Project was a multifaceted project that brought together sculpture, public installations, performance, writing, film, video animation, music, photography, workshops and publications in the same narrative.

The Balena Project is a long-term project involving the creation of a life-size cetacean, a Finnish whale. A 24-meter-long whale, made entirely out of a fine woolen fabric, a huge air pocket and stuffing, has traveled around Italy and abroad like an old-time fairground attraction, taking on new forms of meaning at each stop.

Balena Project – Appennins, 2004

The Whale Body: woolen fabric, padding fiber, inflatable air chamber, 400 x 2400 cm approx.

It has come to life in performances. Sometimes it stranded in a museum or gallery hall, by the sea, along a river, in a historic square. It would have rested beside a glacier, in a suburban neighborhood, in a schoolyard. It became a pretext for collecting stories, engaging the eyes, skills and passions of many different people. In October 2010, this “symbolic device” returned to the place where the fabric from which it is made was produced and, during a 24-hour performance in the spaces of the former textile factory, a rite of passage took place.

It was not its death, but a transformation into other, smaller stories meant to nurture still more. Nothing is thrown away.  Not even a thought.

The Whale Book, 2021: The Whale Theory. An animal imagery, Johan & Levi Editore, is the final leg of the journey of Balena Project.



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