Here and not Elsewhere. Here.

  • 2009
Embroidery on cotton fabric, crochet, padding

50 pieces, 30 x 60 cm each

Preparatory drawings by the artist

  • Photo: Angela Rosati

Here and not Elsewhere. Here. is a project involving local communities in the Pollino National Park, Italy. About 70 people were asked, through word of mouth, to tell a personal story that happened on the Lucania side of the Pollino National Park. Based on this material, Losi made drawings that were then transferred onto pieces of cloth and given to a group of women in the village of Latronico. Thanks to their skill, the images were then embroidered on pillow covers. The work was then presented to the Latronico community during a public celebration.

A project for ARTEPOLLINO – un altro Sud project, Sensi Contemporanei, 2009

For their invaluable help, my thanks go to: Gaetano Lofrano and Enza De Stefano (Artepollino Association), Felicetta Gesualdi  and Il Tassello, Laura Barreca, Catterina Seia, Romeo Forestiere, Franco De Luca, Andrea Topo.