In Places|Bidassero|Ittiri|Sardinia, six elderly women embroider in a vegetable garden in the spring of 2004. They embroider patches obtained from old sheets following Losi’s drawings, made by translating into images the answers the six ladies had given to the question “what scares you?”, “interpreted” by the artist’s mother. The value of the final result is also given by the events, emotions and places that the collective work held between warp and weft and embroidery stitches.

Video installation, 11′ 23″

Preparatory drawings by the artist

Director: Daniele Signaroldi

Photo: frames from the video and the artist

Thanks to Maria Luisa Mura, Farora Piredda, Maria Pais, Farora Pinna, Margherita Sussarello and Maria Tala

Project made possible by Antonio Marras and the entire Circolo Marras, Alghero (Sassari)