What My Shape Says

2016 / 2021
Dyed cotton ribbons, black marker, metal frame, metal and wooden ladder

8 m x 5 m ø approx

Installation view at Teatro dell’Arsenale, Milan, 2016; La Centrale, Bruxelles (BE), 2021.

Photo: Fabrizio Orsi, Daniele Signaroldi, Hugard & Vanoverschelde

Starting from a question/invitation spread via web and through the Marina Rinaldi Stores – What story, sentence or word represents the idea that I have of my shape? – Claudia Losi actively involved hundreds of women in order to create an artwork/story which took shape through a performance. Answering the question, different kinds of women told their stories, reflecting a range of relationships between individuals and their bodies, their forms. These stories began to intertwine to create a collective diary. The responses received, about a thousand, were transcribed one by one in their original languages on kilometers of cotton strips, specially dyed with the colors of thirteen different skin tones, chosen from all possible shades. During the presentation event in Milan, four women took turns, as in a kind of ritual, on a large ladder to tie the strips to a circular iron structure: hanging from the ceiling five meters above the ground, it rotated mechanically, keeping the strips in constant “motion”.


The project has been commissioned and supported by Marina Rinaldi brand

Video directed by Daniele Signaroldi
Visual identity for What My Shape Says (2016): Liligutt, Milan
Installation at Teatro Arsenale, Milan by Altofragile, Milan