Being There_Birmingham

  • 2019
Choral performance, Birmingham (UK)

Claudia Losi & Amigdala Collective

Photo: © IKON Gallery, Birmingham


Drawings: Sara Garagnani

Ikon Gallery’ Slow boat, passing through the canal, activates numerous reactions in the public by the performance of the singers along the channel and in the boat. Feminine and masculine voices intertwine, sewing a story that moves on the surface of water and then disappears, like the circle drawn by a stone falling into the water. Meike Clarelli reworked and put in music traditional tunes, as well as love songs, music from the women work tradition or childish lullabies. Songs of utopia and struggle intertwined with fragments of text written by Claudia Losi. This is the first step of a choral project that will end with a special publication, the second vinyl of Passo chiama Passo a series of publications conceived with Kunstverein Publishing Milan and Snaporazverein (CH).

A special thanks to Daniel Galbreath and Via Nova choir.

Supported by: © IKON Gallery, Birmingham; Regione Emilia Romagna; Q-International, La Quadriennale di Roma Fondazione.