Stare a guardare

Site-specific public art work at Città Studi, Biella

Enamelled iron plate on metal tank

Different size of the installation on a tank’s surface of 12 high x 8 ⌀ meters

  • Photo: Mauri Greggio, Annalisa Zegna

Stare a guardare is a public art project commissioned by Ecotermica servizi (a company that builds and operates district heating plants). The final installation was the result of the elaboration of texts and images gathered in a long process of relationships and exchanges with the people and communities that gravitate around the place where it was made, the Città Studi campus: workers, readers of the Library, operators and guests of the detention center, teachers and students of the educational institutions, residents and other users of the area.

13 books and textile special covers, on permanent display at the Library.

In collaboration with Città Studi Library.

This pattern of relationships was developed through the Libri Viaggianti (Travelling Books), a selection of texts that the artist selected as vehicles to activate communication and exchange between different individuals and communities, a corpus of volumes that are now available as a special fund at the Città Studi Library. From the iconographic material collected, phrases from the texts were extrapolated on the one hand, and images reproduced by manual tearing into sheets of paper on the other. These irregular silhouettes (a hoopoe drawn by a child, various animals, mountains, plants, textiles, ornaments) were reworked and transposed into enameled metal silhouettes and planted on the curved surface of the tank of the district heating plant. Just as the tank, by its specific function, stores and exchanges heat and energy so, ideally, the images and words that inhabit its surface come from a series of exchanges, of relationships activated among the people involved.

Stare a guardare is a project by Claudia Losi for Ecotermica Servizi Spa, curated by Unidee Residency Programs, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, in collaboration with Città Studi, Biella.

Special thanks to Walter Ruffato, Nicoletta Galeno.

Stare a guardare - Cartolina Ecotermica